Tuppers Law | Welcome Stephen
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Welcome Stephen

TupperS Law is delighted to kick-start the new decade with the announcement that Stephen Robson, former General Counsel of Bristol Water, has joined TupperS Law on an “Of Counsel” basis.  Stephen has a wealth of experience dealing with the intricacies of utility regulation, particularly in the water sector, and will also provide the team with general commercial skills both contentious and non-contentious.  Above all, however, Stephen’s arrival coming as it does shortly after Lisa Navarro’s decision to join cements TupperS Law’s position as a pre-eminent adviser to the UK’s water industry.  Any questions regarding this event and the services now provided by TupperS Law please contact stephen@tupperslaw.co.uk or lisa@tupperslaw.co.uk.  Going forward please feel free to get in touch with Stephen directly at robson@tupperslaw.co.uk .