Tuppers Law | STATE AID: indicative experience
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Cases worked on by Stephen Tupper and/or Lisa Navarro to date include:

  • English partnerships: advice concerning the establishment and operations of the Coalfields Enterprise Fund and Networkspace funding initiatives
  • Frozen foods: investigated the state aid implications of funds provided to an Irish frozen foods manufacturer through a regional assistance grant
  • Olympic Airlines: advised on state aid issues in the context of potential bankruptcy
  • Refund guarantees: advice concerning the effect of an adverse state aid ruling on refund guarantees in the context of a ship-building contract
  • Rosyth Naval Shipyard: advised on state aid issues in the context of the privatisation of the Rosyth Naval Shipyard
  • Self Storage Association: assistance with the drafting of a position paper submitted to Government regarding the state aid aspects of a change to the VAT regime applicable to self storage businesses
  • Shipping: advice given to a ship-owner on the compatibility of the French tax system with the European state aid rules
  • Terminal Five: advice concerning arrangements for the construction of related transport infrastructure
  • UK property developer: advising a major UK property developer on the compatibility of its business activities with the EC state aid rules, notably concerning funding of areas undergoing restructuring
  • UK Regional Development Authorities: advising miscellaneous UK regional development agencies in relation to various large regeneration projects in the UK. Advice concerns structuring of funding and sales of land to comply with EC state aid rules